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MOTTO: Unity, Devotedness and Progress.




2016-2019 Term of office proposed plan of Action
Leading through people not by money
Making Awing a Village of Reference and the Awing Youth a symbol of excellence comes 2025



Prepared by
Achataseh Godwill
National president


Accept greetings from the office of the National President of Nacda Youth Wing. This document is the proposed Action Plan from the National office and I encourage all branches to contribute their possible best for the realization of this plan for the development of our community.
Understanding that we are leaving at a time full of challenges, there will be need for us to double our developmental efforts in order to place our village at the of the development ladder. By so doing I decided to consider the following as our priorities during this team of office

  • Identifying and developing young talents within the Awing community through the creation of a platform which identifies and recognize young talents
  • Developing and promoting moral and ethical values amongst the youths within the Awing community with the hope of eradicating moral decadence and making Awing youth excellent moral and ethical models both at local national and international level
  • Promoting Awing cultural values amongst the youths in the locality so as so ensure cultural continuity 
  • promoting academic excellence through the promotion of academic conferences and workshops
  • Engaging and signing partnership agreements with different development actors and partners who can jointly contribute to the development of our village
  • Creating a platform for exchanges between Awing youths of different professional backgrounds which will permit the exchange of ideas
  • Establishing a statistical data base which will permit us put together the profiles of all the youths within our community
  • Developing revenue generating activities which will permit us run the activities of the Wing from the Branches to the National level
  • Creating a platform for inclusive development by integrating and bringing together the different diverse Awing population under the umbrella of Awing development

Some projects envisage
Educational department

  • Organizing two academic conferences yearly one for the secondary and one for the primary school meeting the need of both teachers and students
  • Lunching academic excellent awards to promote excellence within the community
  • Working in partnership to organize academic oriented branches to organize conference in their branches
  • Work in collaboration with our different partners and sponsors to provide didactic materials to students and pupils in need.

Cultural activities

  • Organize an Awing youths cultural festival during which the Awing culture will be promoted amongst the Youths
  • Promote the teaching of the Awing culture within the different Branches
  • Lunch an Awing Cultural Award for youths who live our cultural values

Sports and leisure

  • working with our sponsors to make our holidays sporting activities more organize and accompanied with much leisure and expanding the activities of the department
  • working with Nacda to create venues for leisure and relaxation within our community
  • operate a Nacda Youth Wing Musical band

Finance and Development

  • Promoting income generating activities and financial development plans and strategies within the different Branches
  • Opening and running two photocopy machines in two university NACDA Youth Wing branches under the supervision of the branch
  • Organize and run an Awing Youths development Forum an opportunity for Awing youths of different professional back grounds to meet and share ideas every after two years
  • Lunching the project for Nacda Youth Wing calendar and a magazine to be published quarterly an opportunity to promote Awing young writers
  • Working in partnership with Nacda and our different partners to build a YOUTHS RESOURCE AND EMPOWEMENT CENTER in Awing
  • Purchase of a complete sound system for Nacda Youth Wing to be use during our programs
  • Build the capacity of Awing Youths and identify and promote excellent and outstanding Awing Youths in their different domains

Social department

  • Promote and run a Nacda Youth Wing Humanitarian caravan during the summer Holidays which will permit our Youths to extend humanitarian actions towards the old and the disable in the village
  • Run a health campaign in partnership with our health partners during the summer Holidays which will educate the youths and the public on some health related issues
  • Organize seminars on some ethical, moral and socially related issues
  • Lunching a Awing Miss Moral competition and award aim at promoting morals and ethics within our community

Communication department

  • Elaborate a more reliable communication strategy between the different Nacda Youth Wing branches
  • Create and build a strong communication Network between the Nacda Youth Wings of the Diaspora and central administration and regional branches and make them agents of local development
  • Establish a strong network  with Nacda and the other partners

Statistical domain

  • Organize a National Nacda Youth Wing Census collecting identification information concerning the Awing Youths
  • Run a statistical data base which will control all the statistics of Nacda Youth Wing. All identification information will be found in this data base
  • Work with Nacda to develop a Nacda Youth Wing personal Identification Card

Putting our heads together, we will achieve greater things within the Awing community for the moral, ethical, transformation of Awing Youths towards their economic and educational advancement.
Doing all these, we will be moving towards making Awing a village of Reference comes 2025.